Soooo much work!!!!!!!

I’m really sorry guyz for not posting much yet but I have sooo much studying to do before my exams…
They are in 2 week!!!!! :o

But that’s no excuse and Ill try to put more up as soon as possible and try to do it regularly :)

By the way I’m so exited!!! I’m getting a new phone this weekend but I still can’t decide between lg renoir and lg arena… hmmm I think renoir though coz of the camera but I’m not sure… I’m still very exited though XD

Back to my blog though, I’m planning to take many photos in Poland of really cool graffiti wall I found and I’m going to put them up on Monday :)

Anyways, I need to go study again -.- whish me luck…

Ciao =)


~ by agakrz on May 15, 2009.

2 Responses to “Soooo much work!!!!!!!”

  1. hey ur blog is looking better and better every day :)
    good luck with ur exams!!

    btw did u delete most of ur posts because i cant find them :(

    • thanx a lot! :)
      i just finished my exams and i think they went better than expected but thank you
      I dodnt know what happened to the rest of my posts but i didnt delete them, they just kinda disappeared :(

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