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Pavement Art & Sidewalk Art

“Pavement Art” is the activity of rendering artistic designs on pavement such as streets, sidewalks, and town squares with impermanent materials. Street painting has been recorded throughout Europe since the 16th century. Street painters in Italy are called Madonnari because they often created pictures representing the Madonna. In England they are called Screevers.

Historically, “Pavement Artists” were itinerant Artists who lived a life of travel and freedom. There have also been reports of them being soldiers who on returning from war would find themselves destitute and in need of making a living. They ‘busked’ in the streets creating images in public squares and in front of churches using broken roof tiles, charcoal, and chalk and in return people passing by would give them a bit of bread or a few coins.

In more recent times Pavement Artists have continued to ‘busk’ on the streets, quite often they’ll work on canvas with the hope of selling it once it’s finished or be commissioned by a passerby to produce another artwork.

In the 80’s, a new batch of “Sidewalk Artists”, including Kurt Wenner and Claus von Hessberg, took “pavement Art” to the next level by creating “3D Chalk Art” where the chalk drawings would appear as a fantastic 3D optical illusions. “3D Pavement Art” has increased in popularity in recent years with images by Kurt Wenner and Julian Beever spread far and wide over the internet.

“Pavement Art” is now also used for marketing purposes and is a fantastic way to convey your message to your target audience. Zest Events has a great team of “Pavement Artists” that can work to your brief to produce a concept to fulfil your marketing objectives.

Pavement Art can be used for street promotion in public spaces or for Corporate Events. The Artist delivers the intended messages in the artwork for the public to view and in some cases strongly interact with e.g. have their photo taken in the artwork. Pavement Art is also frequently used for headlining at festivals or for signage as branding at events as it is a great crowd-stopper.

by Andi Mether

Article source: goarticles

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