Creating your own stencils

If you like stencils and would want to make one yourself here is the easiest methond to do it without photoshop:

1) look for a good photo or drawing that you want to stencil!

2) then open the picture in paint

3) so now cut it out or copy it

4) then simply paste it into a Word file

5) Select the image and at the picture panel choose black/white

6) after that step it should look like this:

7) so that’s it, you can also change the brightness at the picture panel
change it till you like it!

Original image borrowed from Stencil Revolution

However if you’re interested in more advanced stencild here are some other links:

Using Adobe Photoshop:

Link:Stencil Art…Creating Stencils

Creating Stencils To Paint On T-Shirts:

Link: Creating Stencils To Paint On T-Shirts

I tried both of above methods and I think that they work really well

And here is the best website I found which has almost all kind s of stencils but I never tried to do any of them so please leave some feedback :)



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